Tips for Helmet Covers

  • We recommend always having 2 sets of your Jammer/Pivot covers. To effect a smooth transfer between jams, you don't need your incoming Jammer and Pivot rushing to hand over their helmet covers. Therefore, use the other set for changeover... works much better and causes less bench stress!
  • Jammer with no helmet cover = penalty
  • Jammer with helmet cover but hard to see star = penalty
  • Therefore, Spank Alley helment bling comes with the option of having the star on both the outside and inside of the cover, just in case your Jammers puts it on the wrong way!
  • Scrimmage with your helmet covers so your skaters can put them on and off in their sleep! Bout day is full on enough without having skaters who aren't familiar with the team helmet covers.
  • Colours are important - your Star and Pivot Stripe has to stand out from the background colour. Don't worry - we will tell you if we think your colour combination won't work.
  • Camo looks good in the star and pivot stripe, but makes for a very hard base pattern.... nothing really stands out on it other than hot pink, bright yellow or neon orange, but hey, we can try!
  • If you are playing in a league you haven't bouted against, CHECK WHAT COLOURS THEIR HELMET COVERS ARE!! The refs wont be real happy if you both rock up with similar colours!