About Spank Alley

Spank Alley Derby Bling is 100% Australian derby girl owned and operated.

For those of you who wonder about the name, "Spank Alley" is another term often used by USA derby teams instead of "Sin Bin" or "Penalty Box".

Also, in the USA the TXRD Lonestar Roller Girls use "spank alley" for another purpose. The Judge's Choice penalty is chosen by 11 fans seated in Spank Alley. Spank Alley seats are reserved for the winner of raffle tickets sold to fans throughout the game. Lots of fun things seem to happen in "spank alley", so we thought what a great name for our "fun" products!

Spank Alley is committed to providing the best quality product possible, and to ensure we keep up to date on the needs of our skaters around the world, we are always having our products tested by real skaters! Their feedback is what will guarantee we offer all of our customers the best quality and style of product possible.